Tinea or Ringworm infection in humans is not a worm infection by any means. It is in-fact a type of superficial fungal infection of skin. 

Prevalence of Ringworm is on rise these days. It is more common in people with impaired immunity. Children are more susceptible to Tinea too. This infection is frequent in hot and humid areas. Low socioeconomic status and overcrowding are further risk factors of Tinea. 

The details of how a characteristic ringworm rash look like is outlined in our previous blog “Everything You Need To Know About Ringworm Infection On Skin”.

How does a child get ringworm infection?
How does ringworm infection in humans transmit to a person ?

Dermatophytes are the fungus that cause Ringworm in humans. Fundamentally there are 3 types of dermatophyte as mentioned below. 

These are the dermatophytes which primarily infect human beings. These pass on from one person to another either directly or through fomites for eg. comb, towel, sheets etc. 

Symptoms of anthropophilic species are milder contrary to Zoophilic or Geophilic. 

These dermatophyte fungi infect chiefly animals. They cause disease in cat, dog, cow, goat, horse etc. If a human comes in contact with infected animal it incurs ringworm. 

These Geophilic dermatophytes grow in soil. They can infect human, if a person walks barefoot on dermatophyte infested soil. 

How to prevent Tinea or Ringworm infection in human ?

Ringworm or Tinea is a quite common infection of superficial skin. It can afflict many parts of human body starting from scalp, face, body to hands and feet.

The details of which is discussed in a separate blog “SYMPTOMS AND TYPES OF RINGWORM INFECTION; simplified with pictures “ 

There are simple yet effective ways to prevent ringworm infection in humans. Not many people are aware of this. Which is why I have listed them down below. 


1.Don’t share fomites

Ringworm is contagious. Spores of dermatophyte stay on things used by an infected person.

For example sharing things like comb/ towel / sheet etc. can propagate infection. Personal items like towel, combs etc should not be shared. 

2.Check pets -

If you have pets at home then check them for ringworm infection by veterinary doctor regularly. If it is present then treat them first. Keep their sheets, beds etc dirt-free.


Maintaining proper hygiene prevents transmission and spreading of fungus spores. Site of lesion should not be scratched. Over and above adequate hand hygiene is utmost important to prevent fungal infection of Tinea

4.Wash clothes-

Washing clothings, pillow cover, bed sheet with hot water and soap should be done if one family member is already having ringworm. 

5.After bath -

People who belong to contact sports like wrestling should bathe following each wrestling event. 

6.Swimming pool -

These can transmit ringworm. So if you are using swimming pool then don’t forget to take bathe once you are done, to ward off Tinea infection

7.Avoid public locker and washroom -

Try and avoid public locker. Avoid public washrooms to take bath. Wear footwear while going to these places. 

8. Avoid barefoot -

As revealed earlier, walking barefoot on infected soil can get a person ringworm. Use foot wear instead. 

9.Diabetes checked -

Regular health check up is important. Kids can get type 1 diabetes in contrast to adults, who are mostly acquire type 2 diabetic. Diabetes and raised sugar level impair body immune system making one vulnerable to fungal infections.

10.Loose clothing -

Choose loose undergarments, pants etc. The materials of clothing should be breathable, to avoid excess sweat. This is for prevention of Tinea cruris ( ringworm of inner thigh ). 

Besides refrain from wearing too tight shoes. Put on cotton or wool socks that absorb sweat. If socks is wet then remove it on time. This helps to keep Tinea pedis at check. 

11.Keep dry -

The areas which are likely to accumulate too much sweat should be kept dry with powder. Wash those areas regularly with soap and clean water too. 

13.Cotton ball in toes -

Tinea pedis develops commonly between fourth and fifth toe. Because this is a site of maximum wetness. You can put a cotton ball in the area to sponge up extra moisture. It undeniably helps. 

14.Hot and humid environment-

When climate is hot and humid, it becomes favourable for ringworm infection in humans. Try to keep clear of it as much as possible. 

16.Complete treatment -

Suppose you are diagnosed with Tinea, then go with advice of your treating doctor. Never self diagnose or self treat. Usually duration of treatment is lengthier, and may take up to 3 months. So have patience. Complete the treatment and do not default. 


Tinea or Ringworm infection can mimic many skin infections. There are symptoms that overlap with other non infective skin conditions as well. Hence always consult a health expert. 

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All the informations provided here are for educational and awareness purpose only. Kindly do not use these as alternative to medical consultation.

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