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Let us have some empathy for parents too. They are not ideal, but are human afterall.

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Hi there. I am Dr. Maninee. This is my personal story in short. Here is what really inspired me to create this website “Your Child’s Doctor”.


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While pursuing MD in paediatrics, most of what I learnt was treatment protocols for various health conditions of kids. But things changed when I completed post graduation and started practising. 


Across these years of practice, I learnt more of how to interact with parents. Over time I realised that major part of treatment in paediatrics is addressing concerns of parents and clearing their doubts. If parents are aware, then most health issues in children can be prevented and treated at earliest. 


Then came a time when I embraced motherhood. This journey was unique. Now the doubts of parents what previously appeared to be silly, suddenly became relevant to me. It’s ‘mother-hood’ that made me more empathetic towards parents and understand them better, as I was walking in their shoes. 



Quest of learning grew and at one point I felt that these informations need to be shared with parents of current generation. Because they don’t have any clear map to follow and they are just lost somewhere. By any means info provided in this website should not be used to replace medical consultation. 


We don’t promote self diagnosis and self treatment. Our website is for educational purpose for parents. You consulting paediatrician knows what is the best for your kid. 

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