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Your Child's Doctor is the bast so far when it comes to parenting and child-care. Very simple and practical to follow.
Sibani panda
United Kingdom


We have left behind the days when hands from extended family members and neighbours used to contribute to raise a kid. Now a days parenting is different altogether. Busy schedule and financial responsibilities are taking a toll on parents. 


To add to this social media comparison-competition, peer pressure, and societal expectation of ‘perfect parenting’, are overwhelming for parents too. In the process we are forgetting what is really and actually necessary. 


Our website “Your Child’s Doctor” comes with an idea of ‘balanced parenting’ instead of perfect parenting’. We believe that ‘Child care’ is not about giving more than 100% for the child and get drained out in the process. 


Rather ‘Child care’ is in fact finding a balance between taking care of physical and mental health of child, meanwhile protecting physical and mental well-being of parents. 

We are dedicated to provide practical parenting solutions and make this journey smooth and hassle free for parents. Meanwhile we help in facilitating proper growth and development in all dimensions for your kid. 


& Newborn

Crucial things to take care before conception, during pregnancy and newborn, that no one tells. Click here to find out.

Child growth
& Development

How to facilitate growth and development in a child in a fun and playful way. Read here.

Child diet
& Nutrition

What should be the quality and proportion of food in a child's diet? Click here to find out more.

Child - care
& Parenting

How parenting is evolving & how to to upgrade yourself with changing times ? Click hereto know more.


All parents must know some basic details about vaccines and their possible side effects. Tap here to find out.

Child health
& Common diseases

Here are some common heath issues a child faces and how to avoid these. Here are all blogs about it.

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Meet Our Author

She is a paediatrician with over five years of professional experience. She is also mother to a toddler.


No parent should ever be judged. Parents puts heart and soul into bringing up their kids and give them the best life possible.

Dr. Maninee

Hello there.

I am Dr. Maninee. As things are constantly changing over time, parenting is also evolving day by day. These days parents are more concerned and aware about their child's health. They come to us with innumerable queries related to wellbeing of their children. To be honest I have too lived through these questions, as I went passed motherhood. I have seen multiple sides of parenting, both directly as a mother and also in a point of view of a physician. Therefore, here through these blogs I wish to help out parents with all necessary information on parenting and child-care.

"Your Child's Doctor" is the best till date I have experienced in past few months. They know child care very well.