As so much goes on in life, parents often feel, as if they are not doing enough for their kids. If you are a parent, then inspire of blaming and judging yourself pointlessly, do this instead. Apply following ways to connect with your child, to strengthen that beautiful parent child bond.

1.Read story books

Make it a routine of reading story to a child daily. Reading aloud is a playful way to build strong connection with child. Besides it also encourages child to attain speech milestones early.

2.Take them for outings

Family outings for a change are refreshing and exciting. These events deepens emotional bond between parent and child. Furthermore these enhance social interaction skills of kid.

3.Lessen use of mobiles and tablets when around kid

Kids need your undivided attention. Uncurbed use of cell phones by parents when around kid is a sign of ‘neglectful parenting’.

Hence keep mobiles, other gadgets and social media aside and spend quality time with your kid.

4.Reduce screen time for child

Because of tireless schedule, parents run short of patience. Thus, when child throws tantrums, they let child watch tv or mobile to keep him/her absorbed. This is leading to a rise in cases of autism in kids.

Which is why, maximise your involvement with child and minimise handing over them cell phone.

5.Let child explore new things

A child by its nature is full of enthusiasm. S/he keeps at exploring and learning new things. Parents should let the child explore, unless his/her actions are harmful or unsafe.


6.Stay calm during conflict

When a child demands something that is not right, try to communicate with him/her precise reason of your saying no. Avoid getting agitated and keep your head cool as much as feasible while doing so.

Authoritative parenting style advocates that parents should discuss the problem with kid rather than imposing strict rules on them.

7.Avoid physical punishment

Abstain from hurting a child physically. Be warm and gentle towards your kid in any event. If kid is too young to understand, then distract him/her with some other interesting activity.

Being said that – “Be responsive but not reactive.”


Child learns from repeated reinforcements. It is an age old trick that works just fine, even today. Positive reinforcement is praising a child when its actions are desirable. Giving him/her a small gift or prize is another way of doing so. This is what positive parenting is all about.

9.Do away with substance abuse

Kids ideate their parents. So, by no means smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol or indulge in any such activity when you are around kid.

10.Avoid domestic violence

When children witness domestic violence on repeated basis, such as parents fighting and shouting at each other, it changes their temperament. These kids who witness domestic violence are more likely to have behavioral and psychological issues in future.

11.Encourage creativity and new skill

Encourage new skill and creativity, like drawing, making a DIY or playing a musical instrument etc. in a child. This will keep them in action and reduce tantrum or aggressive behaviour.

12.Communicate with child properly

Communication is a two way process. Listen with patience what child is trying to say. Boost his/her morale to express fully.

13.Take care of your own mental health

Evidently, parent’s depression can lead to long term psychological consequences on child in future. Therefore be attentive to your mental health first. Seek help if needed.

14.Hug them daily

Children are ever sensitive. They have distinct emotional need. Parents often are not aware about this. A simple act of hugging them daily is sometimes what children crave for. Do it and see the sparkle in their eyes.



‘P’ of Parenting probably stands for patience. They teach us how to be less impulsive and handle things with more maturity.

I hope this article gives a new insight into how to connect with your child emotionally. But it needs practice and persistence. That is the key.

Share it with your fellow collegues, friends, family memebers whom you think will be benefitted by this.


All the informations provided here are for educational and awareness purpose only. Kindly do not use these as alternative to medical consultation.

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